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Crane Rental in Kansas City, Missouri

crane rentals

Cranes in Your Projects

If you have a large job to do but don’t have the budget or need to purchase a crane, Prestige Crane Service’s rental service is for you. Our past customers have completed projects including settling a tiny house and placing business signs and building statues. In addition to construction jobs, cranes add to the fun times in your life. Drop a new year’s eve ball or create a tall parade float with our cranes.

Rent an Operator

At Prestige Crane Service, we understand the benefits of cranes in your projects. We also understand that not many people know how to operate a crane. That’s why our rentals come with the operator. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the controls on equipment from other rental companies. Hire the expert team at Prestige Crane Service for a no-fuss rental.

Rent by the Hour

Projects are unique in their time and equipment requirements. That’s why we offer rentals by the hour. If you don’t need our cranes for the full day, you shouldn’t be required to pay for the full day. We offer simple pricing and scheduling options. Schedule your rental today for an easier project. For more information on our crane rental rates and options, contact our showroom today.

Trust Prestige Crane Service

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of helping our community. That’s why we work hard to gain the trust of our customers. In addition to caring for our customers, we understand that our employees deserve proper care as well. We are a part of a union to make sure that our employees are cared for. In return, our happy and friendly employees give each of our customers a better, hassle-free experience.