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Boom Truck Rental in Kansas City, Missouri

boom truck

Using Our Boom Trucks

We are committed to providing our customers with innovative lifting solutions. Our boom trucks combine height with strength. Lift heavy loads higher and accelerate your progress. Since they are enclosed, the hydraulic cylinders are protected from the elements on a boom truck. Not only does this give boom truck cylinders a longer life, boom trucks also provide safety to your workers and loads.

Which Boom Truck is Right for You?

When choosing a boom truck for your job, you need to consider factors such as the weight, distance up and distance out. In addition, state weight laws and city road requirements can affect traveling to a job and set up at your work site. While a 33-ton boom truck is good for many projects, getting the wrong truck can delay the end of your project. For help determining which truck is right for you, contact Prestige Crane Service today.

33-Ton Boom Truck

Our 33-ton boom truck is a unique combination of reach and weight. The compact, light design allows for maneuverability in tight urban settings and provides high reach when heavier equipment cannot be used. In addition, this truck does less damage to property than other boom truck options. Some projects that are perfect for our 33-ton truck include trimming or removing large trees, easily accessing your roof, and other residential projects.

50-Ton Boom Truck

With up to 55 tons of lifting capacity, these boom trucks let you get tough jobs done fast. If you have a job that is too tall or too heavy for our 33-ton boom truck, the 50-ton truck is right for you. Some projects that are perfect for this truck are removing misplaced cement pads, moving equipment into surrounded areas and construction work.