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Benefits of Renting a Crane by the Hour

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When renting a crane for your project, you often have the option to choose the rental terms. For example, you can either rent by the week, the month, or the hour. Although it's not feasible for some projects, hourly crane rentals can be beneficial for projects that can be handled more quickly. These are some of the perks of renting a crane by the hour.

Have Access to the Crane Rental Faster

Cranes are used for many different residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Because they're so useful, and because they are such expensive pieces of equipment to buy instead, rentals are very popular. This can sometimes make it hard to rent a crane at the last minute, since rental companies might be booked up.
If you're going to need the crane for days or weeks at a time, scheduling is going to be more difficult. If you only need the crane for a few hours, though, a rental company might be able to schedule you in between other rental arrangements that they have on their calendar.
If you can rent by the hour, you might be able to get access to a crane much more quickly. If you're on a time crunch and need to get a project done quickly, this is a good thing.

Encourage Your Team to Work More Quickly

Productivity can be an issue with any project. You must do what you can to keep your team motivated and to get things done by your deadline, and surprisingly, renting a crane by the hour might help you do just that.
If you and your team know that you have your crane rental arranged for a longer period of time, it's easier to put off getting things done. If you know that you only have it for a few hours before you have to return it, though, you might be motivated to work more quickly and to get your project done within your timeline.
Of course, you'll want to make sure that you give yourself enough time to get the project done right without rushing through it or putting anyone at risk of getting hurt. As long as you’re safe and reasonable, it isn’t a bad thing to give yourself and your team a reason to speed things along a little if you've had trouble with getting projects completed on time in the past.

Avoid Storage or Liability Issues

If you keep your crane rental for a longer period of time, one thing you have to worry about is where you're going to keep it. On a big construction site, this might not be a problem at all. If you're working in a smaller area, though, there might not really be room to store the crane from day to day.
Plus, the longer that you have the crane, the more you have to worry about problems like vandalism, damage, and even theft. To avoid storage and liability issues for the crane, you should rent it for just a few hours and then return it to the rental company as soon as you can.

Spend Less on Your Project

Renting a crane is the more affordable choice than buying one, of course, but rental costs can add up. You can keep costs low and avoid spending any more than you have to on your crane rental by only renting it for the number of hours that you need it, rather than renting it for a longer period of time.
Some projects with cranes take days, weeks, or months. If your project isn't going to take that long, renting by the hour is ideal. At Prestige Crane Service, we offer hourly crane rentals for our customers. We can help you with arranging for your crane rental by the hour if you contact us today.