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33 Or 50 Ton Boom Truck For Your Business Landscaping Project: Which Option Is Right For You?

Boom Truck
Renting a boom truck (also known as a truck-mounted crane) to accomplish the landscaping tasks you need to upgrade your business is essential to finishing the work promptly. A 33-ton or 50-ton boom truck are common rentals you can consider for the work.

While each boom truck is able to have an ample reach and lift heavy weight, each heavy piece of equipment has its place on the job site. If you rent the wrong equipment, you can actually make the project much harder to complete and can even impact your ability to keep your business running successfully while landscape work is ongoing. Here is a guide to help you decide which boom truck size is best for your needs.

Work to be Done

 The work you need to have done as part of your business's landscaping project will largely determine the size and heft of the crane you need. Do you need to remove large slabs of concrete or asphalt in order to complete your project, or do you merely need to remove or trim a few trees and move decorative boulders around?

You can easily accomplish smaller jobs that don't require a long reach or heavy lifting (such as removing small amounts of rubble, topping trees or removing small shrubs) with the use of a 33-ton boom truck. Larger tasks, such as removing large boulders, unused buildings or old pavement, will require the use of a 50-ton boom truck.

Space to be Worked in

 If you have a large lot that you are landscaping and easy access to the area, then a 50-ton boom truck should be able to fit into your job site with ease. If you are working with a smaller area of land or have a small main street to access your lot, then you will want to rent a 33-ton boom truck. This type of construction equipment is easier to navigate than its larger and heftier counterpart and can more easily get to smaller work areas.

Remember: larger boom trucks can be more challenging to navigate due to their size and weight and may require a particular route to get to your business. If you cannot get approval from city ordinances to get a larger boom truck into your work area, then you will want to rent a smaller boom truck to work with.

Time Frame for Completion

 You want to get your landscaping project finished as quickly as possible so you can reopen your business and increase your property's curb appeal rapidly. If you are on a strict schedule for landscape completion and the work to be done is extensive, opt for the 50-ton boom truck rental. When in doubt, the larger of the two units may be your best option, provided you have the space to accommodate the machinery.

Speak to a boom truck rental specialist about your landscaping needs and how much time you need to have the work done. Your boom truck rental specialist will be able to show you available units for rent and provide a licensed crane operator to help you with your project, so you complete it safely. 

A boom truck is a beneficial piece of equipment that can help you complete your business's landscaping renovation quickly. You will need a licensed crane operator to manage the equipment for you, to clear this need with your rental company prior to renting either a 33 or 50-ton boom truck.

Your landscaping project can be completed more quickly and smoothly with a reliable boom truck rental. Speak to our knowledgeable associates at Prestige Crane Service today to see if a boom truck is right for your project.