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Common Mistakes That Will Increase the Cost of Your Crane Rental

Renting a crane for a construction project is often a necessary requirement. However, without proper planning, the cost of renting can add up quickly and affect your construction budget. By considering factors such as crane size and advanced rental, you can maximize your crane rental and save money.
Here are a few costly mistakes to avoid when renting a crane for your project.

Lacking a Lift Plan

A lift plan can ensure worksite safety and save you precious time. This plan lists the goals for the crane operator, indicates where the crane will be parked, and outlines the number of workers on site.
The lift plan should also include details about the crane itself including the crane's capacity, the plane of operation, radius, length and angle of the boom, as well as the estimated weight of the load.
Share the lift plan with the operator and workers. A simple lift plan will help everyone on the site be aware of any safety hazards and prepare for the work that lies ahead before the crane arrives.  
Lastly, by creating a lift plan in advance, you can identify potential issues such as load weight concerns, and make the necessary changes to ensure your work site is ready for the crane.

Hiring the Wrong Crane

Hiring the wrong type of crane or the wrong size crane will cost you time and money, result in major project delays, and increase the risk of worksite hazards. 
Before hiring a crane, be clear about the types of loads you will lift so that you can order the right crane for the job. If you are unsure about the type of crane you will need for your specific project, speak to your rental company about the nature of your project.
You may need to provide information such as the weight of the load, the horizontal distance across which the load will be lifted, the number and frequency of lifts, and availability of space to set up the crane.

Renting at the Last Minute

Renting a crane at the last minute can lead to all sorts of inconveniences. First, you risk delaying your project, which could mean money lost. Additionally, failing to reserve the equipment early can see you paying extra costs especially when the demand for such equipment is too high.
Renting in advance also allows you to align your project with the normal operating hours of the rental company and to ensure that a crane operator will be available when you need them.
Lastly, early booking allows you to anticipate weather patterns and plan your project appropriately. Inclement weather can impede safe crane operations, and some crane companies may be reluctant to rent their cranes during such poor weather.

Failing to Consider Traffic

Plan your project in a way that will allow you to avoid costly traffic holdups. Crane rental companies charge by the hour and the clock starts ticking immediately you drive the crane off the yard.
To minimize the time spent with the crane, plan your pickup during off-peak hours when the traffic is light. This way, you can avoid racking up unnecessary costs and leverage the time you have with the unit.
Simple measures such as reserving your crane early can help you avoid unforeseen obstacles that can throw your project off track. Look for a trustable crane rental company that offers well-serviced equipment and a trained operator to ensure safety and productivity, which have a direct impact on your bottom line.
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