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A Few Tips for Making the Most of Your Crane Rental

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If you have a project that involves moving or lifting large, heavy materials, you are going to need a piece of heavy equipment, like a crane, to get the job done. However, unless you own a crane, or the company you work for does, you are probably going to have to rent one.

Then, of course, you need someone to drive and operate the machine. Unless you or a close friend have experience, now is not the time to learn. Luckily, most crane rental companies will also offer an operator with the deal. Even if you know someone who can run the machine, take advantage of their offer and keep your friend for help with the rest of the project.

Before you start making calls to arrange for the crane and operator rental, you should keep a few things in mind. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the situation.

Plan and Clear the Path

A crane is a big piece of equipment, so plan a pathway ahead of time. A clear path will enable you to get the crane to the area it needs to be to get the work done. Hopefully, you won't have to cut down any trees or figure out how to move a shed. You may need to find a second path if your first idea is not going to work out. Don't forget to look up and check any telephone or other utility wires.

You should also check the ground where the crane will be driving and parking. You do not want to go over any soft areas, the septic tank, or the irrigation system.

Obtain Any Necessary Permits

Always check with the Department of Public Works and the Department of Transportation to find out if any permits are needed. They may require a permit to have the crane on your property or to have utility wires moved to accommodate it. In addition, a permit may be required to have the equipment moved on public roads.

Once you find out what or if any permits are needed, make sure you ask the rental company if they get them or if it is your responsibility. If it is up to you, add these fees into the cost of renting the equipment. The different quotes you receive may not be so far apart when you take permits into consideration.

Prepare Everything Before the Crane Arrives

Most crane rentals are done by the hour. You do not want the machine and crew to get to the site and have to sit around while you and your crew put things in place. While it may cost you a day or two, do not plan for the arrival of the crane until everything that needs to be moved with it has been delivered.

If bundles of materials need to be hoisted, get a large, heavy-duty piece of wood or metal. Stack the bundles on it so they can all be moved with one hoist. The more you can have ready, the quicker the job will go and the less you will have to pay for the rental.

Renting a crane to move and hoist large, heavy materials is the best way to get the job done. This machinery will save a lot of time and will prevent you and your crew from damaging your back or getting hurt while trying to do the moving.

If you are not sure which type of crane you need, Contact Prestige Crane Service. We will discuss the job you need done, give you a quote on the rental, and ensure you get everything you need.