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5 Critical Things to Consider Before Hiring a Crane Service

Crane Rental

Renting a crane can help cut overall expenses in your project and ease the burden of buying, storing, and maintaining a crane. However, with so many things to consider, finding the perfect crane service can be a daunting task. Here are factors to consider before hiring a crane service.  

Capability and Experience

Beyond the size, power, and capacity of a crane, you need a company that knows what they are doing. Go for a solid reputation, long-term experience, and adequately skilled and well-trained personnel. Check out the company's cranes, ask about the brand, capabilities, maintenance, and performance. You want to ensure that the crane can meet the requirements of your project.

Find out what industries the company has served so far. The more sectors a company has worked with, the more experience they have working on challenging projects. Ask about their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, such as extreme weather and other variables.

Insurance Status

When you hire a crane, it is the responsibility of the leasing company to provide you with all the safety amenities. Ask for the company's insurance status and documents. Review the crane hire contract carefully to understand what you are liable for in case of unfortunate accidents or erroneous operation. Consider getting backup insurance for your staff and third parties if the rental company does not offer that coverage.

Skills of the Operators

Operating cranes and other heavy construction equipment is not a job for amateurs. Find out if the rental company has certified operators and if they come as part of the package. Ask if they regularly train their operators on protocol and procedure to ensure you complete your job safely and professionally.

Some mistakes, such as damaging your neighbor's property, can land you in trouble - including legal charges. For that reason, it's essential that you work with tried and tested operators. Working with heavy equipment is not something you will master over a couple of hours of interaction with the machine. It takes years of training, practice, and experience to acquire the requisite skill set to operate a crane without endangering anyone's life.

Complimentary Services

Consider working with a company that can offer you the rest of the heavy equipment you need to complete your project. For instance, you may need a boom truck to move heavy things on site or HVAC equipment transportation and storage if you have a facility that is undergoing restructuring.

Work with a knowledgeable company that can advise you on renting additional equipment for your project. Some companies will also help transport and store additional equipment for you.

Hiring Terms and Costs

Everyone prepares to start and complete a job in a pre-determined timeline, but things happen. Have a contract that clearly outlines charges and terms of payments. For example, what happens if your job halts or if the equipment is incapable of handling the project as fast as the hiring company promised?

Based on their experience, a professional crane hiring company will advise you on what payment packages suit you. For instance, hiring a crane on a flat rate may work better for a project with many changing and unpredictable variables. Getting an hourly rate may suit your budget if your job is short-term and straightforward.

Hiring a crane is no small feat, and every dollar counts - especially for heavy-investment projects. Check for any hidden charges or discounts you can benefit from.

Hiring a crane might be just one of the things you need to do to complete your project, but it can make or mess up the entire process. The hiring company you choose is critical to the success of your project. Do your research and ask as many questions as you can before signing a contract.

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